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These headpieces are always informed by a classic simplicity and paired with just the right measure of eccentricity, which means the hats can be worn time and time again.

Aoife studied Business in college and went on to study Millinery in the Grafton Academy at night; where she discovered her true calling.  Aoife completed her Millinery education by studying at the Kensington & Chelsea College in London, mixing commercial and fashion instincts which led to her assisting other designers and eventually creating the Aoife Harrison brand, the culmination of her childhood dream.

Drawing inspiration from classic couture and old millinery, you can expect to see a mix of pearls, silks, vintage lace and jewellery, Aoife expertly combines sparkling detail with delicate fabrics and intricate beading to create a timeless collection.

LOVEHATS aren’t the first to have spotted Aoife’s eclectic headwear. Her designs have been seen worn by ladies at major Irish racing events, and have graced the pages of Ireland’s leading fashion publications, including; Image, The Irish Times Magazine,  Social & Personal Magazine and The Sunday Times STYLE Magazine.

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