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British Milliner Ellie Vallerini is rapidly catching the attention of the fashion world with her distinctive
handcrafted headwear. From bold berets to floral inspired pastel showpieces – Ellie’s delicate and
attractive hats are being spotted everywhere, on the heads of Ascot’s finest fashionistas to the
heads of musicians! Ellie is based in seaside town Hastings, which provides her with an interesting
backdrop and a unique point of view than many designers don’t share.
Having trained under late, legendary Royal milliner John Boyd, Ellie learnt how to make a woman
feel beautiful while wearing a hat – a wonderful design trait that Mr. Boyd was renowned for.
Working closely alongside her clients, Ellie Vallerini’s has developed a distinctive millinery aesthetic
that is a combination of classic and new. Taking inspiration from sculpture and dramatic theatrics,
some of Ellie’s headpieces are larger than life and extravagant, while some others are delicate. Yet
all of Ellie’s headpieces are different in some way, a typical headdress that might be seen at a
summer wedding or Ascot? Ellie will make something like this unique with soft blue fabrics and polka
dot tulle bows.
Ellie is up and coming milliner with classic roots. If you want to support British design and be ahead
of the curve – invest in Ellie Vallerini now, it’s a name you’ll be seeing a lot more of soon.

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